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Boeing’s CEO warns Washington: Get your act together

Boeing’s CEO warns Washington: Get your act together

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney warned Tuesday that the threat of next year’s automatic, across-the-board budget growth reductions might force him to lay people off — even before the guillotine actually falls.

Big B, like all of America’s corporate titans, hates “uncertainty,” and Congress has outdone itself this time, McNerney said.

“Sequestration is the greatest example of Washington-induced uncertainty I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said. “Our reaction is to be very conservative … We have to anticipate the worst and hope for the best.”

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Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne do hot fire test of Abort Rocket for Boeing CST-100

Video Caption: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has completed a series of hot-fire tests of the 52,000-54,000lb-thrust Bantam demonstration engine for a”pusher” launch abort system on Boeing’s CST-100 spacecraft, under design for NASA’s Commercial Crew Development program. The motor “pushes” the spacecraft to safety if a launch is aborted. The tests were conducted in the California desert.

Boeing updates status of 737 MAX engine program

Boeing has given an update on it’s 737 MAX engine program.

The 737, with this new-engine variant, will have 10-12 percent lower fuel burn than current 737s and a 7-percent operating cost advantage over the competition. The airplane will have the capacity for increased range while providing better fuel efficiency than today’s already-efficient 737.

When compared to a fleet of 100 of today’s most fuel-efficient airplanes, this new model will emit 277,000 fewer tons of CO2 and save nearly 175 million pounds of fuel per year, which translates into $85 million in cost savings. The airplane’s fuel burn is expected to be 16 percent lower than current competitor’s offering and 4 percent lower than their future offering.

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Latest Garwood Testing News

  • Garwood can now perform the MIL-A-15303P(SH) Audible Signals standard

  • Garwood can perform Fire Testing to ISO, SAE 160F, FAA AC20-135 on Aircraft Parts for Fire Resistance and Fireproof Requirements

  • Garwood is your laboratory to perform RTCA/DO-160F and MIL-STD-461F