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Air Force’s newest B-52 turns 50

Air force announced that its youngest B-52 strategic bomber is not sitting in some museum but still flying as the most active bomber mission aircraft on the Minot AFB. rolled off the assembly line in October of 1962, tail number 1040 is the youngster of a aging bombing fleet that expect to continue in service till 2040.

Few naval ships and other aircraft have such a long service in the us military. some examples are:
The US Navy has the soon to be decommissioned USS Enterprise (CVN-65) with fifty one years.
The Bell OH-58 Kiowa has been in service us Army service since 1969.
the US Marines have the CH-46E Sea Knight is the oldest with an average age of 42 years, but is closely followed by the CH-53D Sea Stallion (40 years) and UH-1N Huey (36 years)

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Garwood Labs used in a new Jeppesen Video

Jeppesen, a Boeing navigation avionics and in flight Software company, Used our Garwood Pico Rivera Laboratories in a online video to show how Garwood performs a rapid decompression test to RCTA-DO-160 on a IPad 3

enjoy the YouTube video.

Garwood Email Addresses Has Changed…

Garwood has updated the email addresses for all Garwood personal to our new email closing with We like to take this time to remind you the email addresses you have on file for your Garwood contacts will soon be discontinued and we would like to make sure you update their email address. Please get in touch with your Garwood contact as soon as possible to get their new email information.

We also would like you to share this information with your coworkers and other contacts so that they can also update their Garwood contact information.

From the Desk of the President….

Garwood Laboratories address header

Garwood Laboratories in Pico Rivera and San Clemente Ca.



Effective April 1st, 2011 Garwood Laboratories, Inc. is back under the ownership of the Armstrong family and reverts back to an American /Veteran Owned Small Business. The time away has given me time to reflect on what we had accomplished, where we had come as a company over the 25 years I owned Garwood Labs, and how much I missed the testing world.
To be sure our direction is on target, the very first step in moving forward is the appointment of Heather Armstrong – Bennett as the General Manager of the company. With her former experience in numerous roles at Garwood, plus being one of the best customer advocates ever at Garwood it was an easy decision. I have great pride and confidence in this important move.
For those who are unfamiliar with Garwood Labs, we are well known as a “family” business, as we like to operate in a close knit, family atmosphere wherever possible. Established in 1954, Garwood Labs has stood the test of time over all those years, maintaining our foothold in the testing and compliance world.
I will be returning to my position as President and CEO, and look forward to seeing and working with all of you again. As in the past, my door is always open, and I welcome the opportunity to spend time with each and every one of you. Please be sure to stop in and say hello when you are in the lab, as one of the best parts of my job was meeting and talking with all of you.
The same great customer service and integrity that sets Garwood Labs apart from the competition will continue under the new management to re-affirm our statement “Excellence Built on Integrity”.

Please take note of the following changes:

  • Please notify your shipping, ordering/purchase departments of our name change to Garwood Laboratories, Inc.
  • All current/active invoices issued by Stork Garwood Laboratories, Inc. prior to April 1st’ 2011 should be payable to Stork Garwood Laboratories, Inc.
  • All new invoices issued after March 31st, 2011 by Garwood Laboratories, Inc. should be payable toGarwood Laboratories, Inc.

I wish you all the best for 2011, and our family, Garwood Laboratories, Inc., looks forward to being a part of your success.

Jim Armstrong
President & CEO
Garwood laboratories, Inc.


Jim Armstrong

Jim Armstrong