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U.S. Navy’s new sub comes in a year early. How?

This week, General Dynamics’ Electric Boat yard delivered the Navy’s newest fast attack submarine, the future USS Mississippi, almost one year ahead of schedule. The sub’s contract delivery date was April 30, 2013, and the Navy got the metaphorical keys on May 2nd.

Several say says that defense acquisitions are broken and no one cares. So how is this possible?

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FAA clarifies guidance on installation of inflight wireless networks for commuter airplanes

With the growth of in-flight Wifi on aircraft, the FAA has a posted a new draft policy statement that gives further guidance and acceptable practices on how to meet compliance with a specific federal regulations. the new policy comes at a time when even light commuter and utility aircraft are being equipped with inflight connectivity.

The FAA notes that safety issues related to the installation and use of the wireless RF system within the airplane include: potential interference with avionics systems; operation of personal electronic devices and a wireless RF system which is not fully built to airborne equipment standards; and vulnerability of airplane systems to intentional or spurious emission of RF energy.

Guidance released in 2010 by the FAA described an acceptable means for designing and demonstrating aircraft tolerance to potential electro magnetic interference from personal electronic devices. FAA advisory circular AC-20-164 identified RTCA document DO-307, which was borne out of a federal advisory committee.

The FAA’s new policy paper discusses compliance methods that should be applied to type certificate, amended type certificate, supplemental type certificate, and amended supplemental type certification programmes for Part 23 aircraft.

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Link to FAA policy statement:Installation of Wireless Local Area Network using IEEE 802.11 Protocols

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne do hot fire test of Abort Rocket for Boeing CST-100

Video Caption: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has completed a series of hot-fire tests of the 52,000-54,000lb-thrust Bantam demonstration engine for a”pusher” launch abort system on Boeing’s CST-100 spacecraft, under design for NASA’s Commercial Crew Development program. The motor “pushes” the spacecraft to safety if a launch is aborted. The tests were conducted in the California desert.

New FAA overflights guidelines for UAS & UAV in the works

President Obama sent a Valentine’s Day present to the aviation community, including the unmanned systems industry, signing the long-overdue Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bill into law on 14 Feb., which includes important provisions on the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the national airspace system.

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US Air Force goes COTS on planned LRS-B

The air force has quietly announced that it is has began work on a new strategic bomber to replace the ageing B-52 and assist the 21 plane B-2 force on the future battle space. The air force has promised that the new Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) will try to control its budget by using tried and fielded systems and not over use of new technologies in the systems.

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A Video On How Military Drones Are Changing War

Gizmodo has posted a great video from Al Jazeera about Americas combat robotic programs and direction of these programs,

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Navy’s New Minehunter has issues Seeing or Stopping Mines

Continued issues and testing results about the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS)

link: Navy’s New Minehunter Can’t See or Stop Mines

Pacific Power’s new iPhone power calculator app

Our friends at Pacific Power have come up with a handy app for your IPhone that will help determine the right size power source for testing.

this app is free to all at their website site:

NOTE: require iTunes account to load from store.

The Future of Land Wars: Intense, High-Tech, Urban, Coastal

After the year 2020 ground wars will be more intense and concentrated in the world’s crowded coastal cities. That’s the consensus from a panel of experts including current and retired Army officers and professional analysts.

David Axe of AOL Defense approached five military experts and former leaders and asked what and where will the future battlefields be and what will our forces need to do be ready to fight those battles.

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EE times list of great Android and Apple apps for Electronic Engineers

EE times has posted a great list of Android and Apple apps that can help in the Electronic Engineers in working with products and systems.