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Boeing’s CEO warns Washington: Get your act together

Boeing’s CEO warns Washington: Get your act together

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney warned Tuesday that the threat of next year’s automatic, across-the-board budget growth reductions might force him to lay people off — even before the guillotine actually falls.

Big B, like all of America’s corporate titans, hates “uncertainty,” and Congress has outdone itself this time, McNerney said.

“Sequestration is the greatest example of Washington-induced uncertainty I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said. “Our reaction is to be very conservative … We have to anticipate the worst and hope for the best.”

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FAA clarifies guidance on installation of inflight wireless networks for commuter airplanes

With the growth of in-flight Wifi on aircraft, the FAA has a posted a new draft policy statement that gives further guidance and acceptable practices on how to meet compliance with a specific federal regulations. the new policy comes at a time when even light commuter and utility aircraft are being equipped with inflight connectivity.

The FAA notes that safety issues related to the installation and use of the wireless RF system within the airplane include: potential interference with avionics systems; operation of personal electronic devices and a wireless RF system which is not fully built to airborne equipment standards; and vulnerability of airplane systems to intentional or spurious emission of RF energy.

Guidance released in 2010 by the FAA described an acceptable means for designing and demonstrating aircraft tolerance to potential electro magnetic interference from personal electronic devices. FAA advisory circular AC-20-164 identified RTCA document DO-307, which was borne out of a federal advisory committee.

The FAA’s new policy paper discusses compliance methods that should be applied to type certificate, amended type certificate, supplemental type certificate, and amended supplemental type certification programmes for Part 23 aircraft.

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Link to FAA policy statement:Installation of Wireless Local Area Network using IEEE 802.11 Protocols

The Future of Land Wars: Intense, High-Tech, Urban, Coastal

After the year 2020 ground wars will be more intense and concentrated in the world’s crowded coastal cities. That’s the consensus from a panel of experts including current and retired Army officers and professional analysts.

David Axe of AOL Defense approached five military experts and former leaders and asked what and where will the future battlefields be and what will our forces need to do be ready to fight those battles.

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Richard Sanchez New Lab Manger for Garwood San Clemente

Richard Sanchez is the new Operations Manager for our lab in San Clemente. Formally our NEBS/Telecommunications Manager and specialty Program Manager, Richard’s years of experience in helping our customers with engineering and program management needs make him a great addition to the San Clemente team during our renewed focus on customer service.

143 Calle Iglesia
San Clemente, CA 92672-7501
949.361.9189 Fax: 949.361.9597

Latest Garwood Testing News

  • Garwood can now perform the MIL-A-15303P(SH) Audible Signals standard

  • Garwood can perform Fire Testing to ISO, SAE 160F, FAA AC20-135 on Aircraft Parts for Fire Resistance and Fireproof Requirements

  • Garwood is your laboratory to perform RTCA/DO-160F and MIL-STD-461F