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Navy confirms cost overrun on CVN 78

A neat look at the political play-by-play on the building of CVN 78, USS Gerald R Ford, and how an aircraft carrier can have a cost overrun while as it stays on schedule.

dodnews link: http://www.dodbuzz.com/2012/03/15/navy-confirms-cost-overrun-on-cvn-78/

New Carrier EMALS launches F-35C in testing

The Navy catapulted an F-35C into the air using its new Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System for the first time on Nov. 18, the service announced Monday.

Testing the F-35C on EMALS provided an early opportunity to evaluate technical risks and began the process to integrate the carrier variant Joint Strike Fighter with the future carrier fleet aircraft launching system.

EMALS is the key to the future of aviation in not one, but two great navies — when the British switched their order from F-35Bs to Cs, they also became dependent on the success of the U.S. Navy’s electromagnetic catapults. In fact, you could argue the Royal Navy has an even greater need for EMALS, given that its Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers won’t be built with steam propulsion.

Read more: http://www.dodbuzz.com/2011/11/28/the-future-is-here-emals-launches-f-35/#ixzz1f71n2puR