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Renewable Clean Energy Testing Services

National Technical Systems has the expertise and wide-ranging capabilities to assist with the tough non-standard engineering and testing challenges you're faced with when developing and deploying Renewable Clean Energy Technologies. For solar power products in addition to supporting you with the more routine “test to specification” and certification services. Our engineers will work with you to determine and even develop the requirements and evaluations you need, helping get your product to market faster and with higher reliability.

Smart Grid Technologies

With NTS's industry experience in computer hardware and software technologies, wireless products, regulatory testing, as well as a host of anechoic and climatic/environment chambers, we are the perfect choice to assist you with your "Smart Energy" projects. We've tested energy products, from Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution, and for Smart Home, and Building automation. NTS “Smart" Lab covers all components, power transformers, cables, circuit barkers, busbars, communication devices, computer, routers, gateways, collectors, meters, thermostats, in-home displays, and many other "Smart Energy" products. We have the tools and the Smart Energy Engineering Design, Analysis, Reliability and Compliance experienced individuals who can help make sure that rolling out your "Smart Energy" products doesn't turn into a nightmare. .

Energy Storage Technology (EST) Integrated Engineering Services

Advancements in energy storage technologies are crucial pathway in the development of fuel cell, hybrid electric and electric vehicles (FCVs, HEVs, and EVs) that will lead to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

NTS Integrated Engineering Services provides un-matched expertise in supporting the engineering development, compliance, environmental and Electromagnetic testing, performance, reliability and custom design tests to help you effectively deploy and manage your Energy Storage.

Field testing, monitoring through designing specialized test stand for the purpose of measuring Energy Storage efficiency and effective delivery of electrical power when needed. BTS expertise in developing test monitoring equipment and designing software tools will help you monitor and manage your Energy Storage Technology throughout its life cycle.

Solar Power - Photovoltaic Technology Service

NTS with its numerous laboratories has the capacity and capability to evaluate and test PV / Solar power products to assure your product will hold up over its intended design life to the unique conditions of your specific environmental applications. Our services encompass the standard test requirements of industry specifications such as UL1703, IEC 61215 and MIL-STD-810. The UL and IEC certifications include a variety of environmental and electrical safety tests that NTS has been performing for decades, including UV radiation exposure, extreme temperature and humidity, arc tests, insulation resistance, high voltage withstanding, resistance to hail/stone impact and other simulated environments.

Renewable Clean Energy Engineering Services

  • Develop Custom Requirements and Specifications
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Stress & Thermal Analysis
  • Test Systems Engineering
  • Management System Registrations (ISO 14001)
  • Managed Engineering Services (on site)

Test & Evaluation Services

  • Electrical Testing 
  • Environmental Testing
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Product Safety
  • Materials Testing - Metallic Coating Thickness

Updated March 17, 2015