NTS Fullerton Announces New HALT/HASS Testing Capabilities

Highly accelerated life testing and highly accelerated stress screening tests
enable product development organizations to identify potential issues and help decrease warranty costs associated with aging.

Fullerton, CA – October 30, 2008 –National Technical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTSC) (NTS), a leading provider of product design and compliance engineering services, announced today that its Fullerton, CA test facility now has the ability to perform HALT/HASS testing for various different product types.  Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) are two methods utilized for early identification of potential problems in various products types during the course of their lifespan.

The HALT process employs combined thermal and triaxial (often referred to as “6 degrees of freedom”) vibration stress to rapidly uncover design issues and potential structural defects.  Early discovery and remediation of these problems is vital not only to the overall success of the product but for the containment of product warranty costs over the long term.

HASS speeds the discovery of latent defects in product manufacturing and thus reduces associated problems once a product is released.  The process utilizes similar equipment to the HALT testing process, and the development of a proper HASS profile requires previous HALT results, as well as other data and product validation information.  In addition to identifying defects in existing products, HASS can also determine the impact that alternative components will have on a product’s design.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to expand our local service offerings to include HALT/HASS capabilities.  Many of our current clients have requested these services and we know there are many other manufacturers in this region that can benefit from these new services”, said Marty Lonky, General Manager of the NTS Fullerton CA laboratories.

The combination of both HALT and HASS performed early during the product design and development process provides an excellent indication of how durable, robust and reliable the finished product will be.  The NTS Fullerton CA team proudly offers these new services and encourages manufacturers to contact them to discuss ways that their product development process can benefit from these new services.

About NTS

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