Supplier-Funded Programs

Our custom-designed Supplier-Funded Programs are designed to eliminate the cost of non-conforming parts and delivery delays while motivating your suppliers to improve their supply processes. These individually designed and negotiated programs transfer the cost of quality assurance to those suppliers whose performance fails to meet your stated requirements, with our team of trained specialists acting as your enforcement agent.  Supplier-Funded Programs are designed to work in many ways using various different services to reduce risk and increase reliability in your supply chain. 

How does it work?

  • We discuss and define your supplier-related challenges and identify specific solutions
  • You assign NTS to act as your authorized agent within the scope of your desired program
  • The NTS introduction package defining the scope of work is sent out to all affected suppliers
  • We administer contracts with your suppliers and initiate the working engagement
  • We schedule and coordinate the specified activities based on your requirements
  • We report results to you and your suppliers on a periodic basis, as specified by your program
  • We invoice your supplier for services rendered and other program-related costs incurred

Supplier funded services typically include:

  • Source Inspections
  • Systems audits
  • Process audits
  • Production monitoring/expediting
  • Supplier staff training
  • Process review, analysis and reporting